Acoustic panels with fabric finish 100 x 50 cm

Product Overview

The sound absorption wall panels have core from acoustic foam and acoustic fabric finish.

Our fabriсs contribute to the acoustic quality of the panels, thus becoming a perfect solution for spaces where acoustics is important. The textile finish adds stylish and cozy touch to the treated space.   The acoustic wall panels with fabric finish are available in two size options and also color alternatives to suit various interior styles. The fabric acoustic panels are easy to install and clean.


The acoustic panels are suitable for:

Office premises (with reverberation issues)
Home cinemas
Music rooms
Recording studios
Conference halls
Bars and restaurants
Concert venues      

Technical Details

Dimensions: 1000 mm X 500 mm
Thickness: 50 mm
Material: Acoustic foam and flock finish
Weight: 0,828 kg;
Color: available in 22 colors (T01 – T22 from our catalogue)
Installation: on walls and ceilings through direct gluing

The adhesive for the installation is polyurethane installation glue available for order from Decibel.

Coefficient of sound absorption

Technical data

Material acoustic foam, acoustic fabric
Color 22 available colors
Dimensions 1000 x 500 mm
Thickness 50 mm
Weight 0,828 kg.;
Installation wall, ceiling glued