Ekokit System - soundproofing and sound absorbing system

1. Perforated galvanized steel sheet 0.75 mm
2. Glass-mineral felt with 25 mm acoustic veil
3. Thick soundproofing membrane 2.5 mm
4. Mineral wool DECIBEL 40 mm
5. High-strength steel sheet 0.6 mm

Product Overview

Ekokit System is recommended for building a soundproofing and sound absorbing cabins, offices, warehouses and other premises where acoustic comfort is required. The combination of several soundproofing products each one of them with different density and elasticity in the system ensures maximum noise insulating results.

Ekokit combines products as glass - mineral felt with acoustic veil, viscoelastic membrane and mineral wool in one system. The front part of the soundproofing system is made of perforated galvanized steel sheet (percentage of open area: 35%). This type of perforation is specially selected to provide an optimal sound absorption coefficient in the medium and high frequencies (6 different diameters of the perforation). The galvanized, dense, painted, steel sheet is used as the backside of Ekokit System. The total thickness of the Ekokit System is 66 mm.


Ekokit System is suitable for: 

- Soundproofing and sound absorbing cabins and shieldings 

- Wall soundproofing panels for offices, warehouses and workshops

- Sound insulation of walls and ceilings in residential and office premises

For building a soundproofing cabins the Ekokit System panels must be installated with aluminium angles to already made construction.

The proper installation is important for reaching the full potential of the system. It is recommended that the installation of this system be carried out by a specialist installer.


DECIBEL offers the installation of the system. For more information about material prices and installation, please contact us at +359882 41 39 02 or contact@decibel.bg.