24 January 2018

Sound Masking System for open space offices?

The need of Sound Masking in open space offices

The offices architecture and design has changed dramatically over the past decade. Almost every company operates in open space type of offices to improve the team’s communication. However, multiple studies confirm that this type of office is associated with increased levels of stress among employees due to the constant noise.

Historically, sound masking systems have been developed in parallel with the creation of the open office model.

Masking as a clean term means hiding or covering an object. This object does not change, it is just been hidden.

Sound Masking is a modern speaker system that creates unobtrusive background sound in an office to increase the efficiency and productivity of employees.

The Sound Masking system uses the frequency masking method, and the system adds unobtrusive masquerade noise (stronger than the background), which is close to the frequency levels of the speech. In this way, employees are not distracted because noise that does not carry information does not distract (running water, wind, etc.).

Sound Masking Control Features

The Sound Masking System ensures acoustic comfort in offices thanks to the specially designed feature for adaptive real-time sound level control. Office space is characterized by its changing business dynamic, depending on employee schedules and activities. Accordingly, the noise is also dynamic, and that is why the sound masking systems we offer are adaptive to the masking level.

The adaptive function of the sound masking system is capable of increasing in active working hours and decreasing when there are fewer employees and less noise generated in the room.

The Sound Masking system includes special sound level sensors that are mounted in the ceiling of the offices that monitor the noise level.

How do Sound masking systems help businesses?

The Sound Masking system allows developing companies to use their offices in the most productive and rewarding way.

The construction of individual conversation booths or barriers at any workplace is no longer necessary thanks to the sound masking technology. The masking sound generated by the system speakers adapts all the time to the background noise.

Sound Masking serves to improve the office environment. The results achieved by the system are increased employee productivity in companies, better discretion in telephone conversations and better concentration, leading to higher quality of work.

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