Silence and comfort with sound insulation for walls, March 2018, Sofia

Silence is one of the key factors when people are trying to sleep. However very often the noise coming from a neighboring room prevents the quiet and peaceful sleeping environment. One of the most common problems of our clients living in residential apartments is the passing noise from the living room to the bedroom.

The bedroom soundproofing is a process that our specialists pay a lot of attention to, because the human ear is very sensitive during sleep and the lack of sleep caused by the noise could damage the physical and mental health of the person.

The type of wall, its geometry and the noise source are only a small part of the factors that DECIBEL engineers pay attention to when prescribing products professionally.

Sound insulation MUTE SYSTEM 33 is prescribed and installed in one of our latest sound proofing cases on the wall in the bedroom dividing the bedroom and the living room. A soundproofing bitumen membrane is also installed to the MUTE panels to help achieve the required noise reduction.

What allows DECIBEL to guarantee the quality of each noise insulation project is the service it offers for making before and after the built-in soundproofingmeasurements.

The noise insulation index of the existing wall partition between room and living room, measured before using MUTE SYSTEM 33, indicates 50 dB. The final index of real sound insulation achieved using noise-controlling materials is 59 dB.

The graphical representation of the before and afterresults you can see on Graphic 1.

Prescribed products and final measurements indicate the high levels of acoustic comfort which we reached and which helps turning the room into a cozy and quiet place.


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More information about the products used in the project can be found HERE.