Marriott Hotel - soundproofing of chillers in Shekvetili, Georgia

The American hotel chain “Marriott” has over 500 hotels in 60 countries. One of the company's latest projects is the construction and opening of a new five-star hotel in Shekvetili – a village and seaside resort in Georgia. The hotel should open until the end of the summer of 2017.

The Bulgarian company DECIBEL took part in the “Marriott” project by executing the noise insulation of chillers in the Shekvetili complex. The management of the hotel asked from DECIBEL to reduce the noise caused by the group of air conditioners and the target sound level should be less than 60 dB.

“Marriott” project starts with a 3D project presenting to the customer, the solution found by Decibel engineers for achieving the required sound frequencies. The construction in the project combines materials tailored to the standards and specifics of the problem.

The products included in the “Marriott” project are sound absorbing barriers surrounding the group of chillers as well as a number of metal perforated PZP panels of different sizes that serve to isolate the noise coming from the air conditioners. The front part of some of the used panels is made of perforated sheet metal with different diameter holes and some of the panels are perforated on both sides to achieve maximum sound absorption. To the construction is also provided a sound-proof door, installed in the barrier, for easier access to the chillers.

 After the approval of the solution proposed by Decibel began the installation of the overall construction, completed in less than three days, followed by the instructions and navigations of technical supervisor. The installation stages include preparation of the construction site, layout of the structure, construction of vertical and horizontal bearing elements, spatial reinforcement of the structure and installation of the sound-absorbing metal panels.

The final step in the project is the measurement of the sound level with professional instruments, carried out by a DECIBEL technical person and in the presence of an engineer, representative of "Marriott". The reported noise values are 56 dB. The achieved sound levels are with 4 dB more than the target one and the project implementation ends 4 days ahead of schedule.

With the result achieved, Decibel manages to complete the assignment set by the client, and due to this fact, the work of Decibel and “Marriot” Hotel continues on other projects that you will be able to read soon.


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