Sound insulation of diesel generators in Marriott hotel

The work of DECIBEL with the US hotel chain "Marriott" starts July with the implementation of noise insulation of chillers in the complex. More about the first project you can read HERE.

After the successful results at reducing sound levels, DECIBEL wins the trust of its client and thus also the second contract, this time for sound insulation of diesel generators on the same object.

The project presented to the client includes soundproofing constructions made by the DECIBEL Engineering Department. The case’s needs require two soundproofing constructions and the product used for them is metal double – sided perforated silencer. Due to the specificity of the room it is appropriate for the second construction to finish with a special geometry for better airflow.

The last element for achieving effective sound insulation performance is the installation of two soundproofing doors, again made by DECIBEL. The doors are composed for the purpose of soundproofing materials and additional reinforced hinges.

The project ends again successfully and the measured sound levels of the diesel generators after the soundproofing treatment of the room are below 60 dB, as the client requested.

These levels of noise at the hotel's service rooms guarantee the relaxed rest and undisturbed sleep of the guests of the world-famous chain.

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