Low class sound level meters - Models 81A and 82A

Models 81A/82A

  • With the Models 82A and 81A, making accurate industrial noise measurements has never been easier

  • Just four buttons, each with just one labelled function, make using the Assessor as simple as possible

  • Just switch on the Model 82A and it starts measuring the parameters you need immediately

  • The ‘A’ weighted Leq or average noise level is displayed with very large digits so it can be clearly seen

  • The risk from impulsive noise sources can be assessed using the ‘C’ weighted Peak value which is displayed on the right hand side of the screen

  • Batteries: 2xАА (LR6)

  • Works at temperature: from -10°C to +50°C

  • Dimensions: 340 mm x 75 mm x 25 mm (Class 1) /300 mm x 75 mm x 25 mm (Class2)

  • Weight: 450 g

Display of estimated exposure duration

The Model 82A and 81A instruments have a unique feature which is the display of the estimated exposure duration. This feature estimates the noise exposure that would be achieved if the measurement was made over a longer period displayed in terms ofLEX,8. For example, if the noise from an operation was measured for 2 minutes and the L value is 92.6 dB(A), the instrument will calculate the LEX,8 value based on different exposure durations. The figure to the right shows an example of this information.

Comparison table

Kind Definition Accuracy Application
Class 1 Precise assessment of laboratories ±0,7 db In the environment, acoustic of building, vehicles
Class 2 Grade for general purpose ±1,0 db Work space, basic environments, motorsports