Atendia - design and production of noise reduction desk separators in open-plan office in Sofia, 2017

In recent years “open space” offices have been used extensively by businesses due to the flexible staff positioning for different projects and ease of communication and collaboration among employees. However, when many people share one working space there is a risk of creating a constant random noise that prevents people from concentrating, leading to an increase in stress levels and productivity falls up to 60%.

This is the reason why a company using an open space office choose DECIBEL to produce acoustic separators to isolate each individual working space. After the office desks have been measured, DECIBEL produced separators which not only met the needs of noise reduction of the employees in the room, but also are in colors and designs, customized by the customer and the existing interior. 

The separators provide acoustic shadow at the working space by reducing the noise level between of 3 to 9 decibels, depending on the seating position. The design of the product and the variety of 22 textile colors make it suitable for each office type and easily combined with an already existing interior design.


Soundproofing and acoustics in offices