Telerik Academy - Acoustic comfort with sound masking system, Sofia, 2017

Telerik Academy is a private educational organization that started its activity in 2009 by the initiative of Telerik. It provides practical programming training that helps students and professionals from different backgrounds to prepare for the digital future.

Telerik’s Academy management contacted DECIBEL at the end of 2017 asking for an installation of sound masking system in their office areas. The idea of ​​using this type of system came by the model of the company's offices in the United States.

After an on-site consultation, it was found that the areas, which need acoustic treatment were the open space room, where the company's employees work and two of the teaching rooms in the Academy. 

The DECIBEL's Sound Masking System consists of a compact controller and speakers that distribute unobtrusive narrowband noise in different areas, with noise level sensors in each zone. Thanks to them, the system adapts to the level of ambient noise in the room (Automatic Level Control). The management of the system is extremely easy thanks to its application management packet.

More information about the Sound Masking System can be found here.

The installation of the Sound Masking System at the Telerik Academy was carried out for a week and a half, taking full account of the Academy's timetable and program. After the integration of the system, the acoustic environment in the halls has been improved, resulting in improved concentration, productivity and creativity of the people in the room.


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