Supply of 1200 acoustic monitor pads for speakers in Saint Petersburg

The acoustic speaker pad product has been DECIBEL's development since the start of the company. Six months after the product was officially placed on the market, an application was received from St. Petersburg. After sending the WOW monitor, interest is increased many times. The next order is for 1,200 pieces of products.

Wow pads are innovative in their design and are compatible with a wide range of studio monitors. They are an important acoustic element whose help significantly reduces the vibrations transmitted by the monitors to the surface on which they are placed. They are made of polyethylene with optimal density, lightweight and very easy to use. Their antivibration, grip between surfaces as well as their purely aesthetic appearance can be further enhanced by flock coating.

Surveillance pads are designed to give freedom when adjusting the slope under which the monitors are available, which comes complete with a lid, which provides additional options for changing this branch.


More product information can be found here.


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