23 February 2016

Can I use egg cartons for acoustic treatment or soundproofing?

Author: Dr. Eng. Tsvetan Nedkov


Since the beginning of our business, our customers have asked us some questions over and over again. One of the popular questions (and myth) is whether the egg cartons can soundproof or help with acoustic comfort in the premises. Some customers prefer egg cartons to specialized products. 

Here is our answer: To respond objectively and solve once and for all this myth, we decided to test the acoustic performance of the egg cartons compared to a standard acoustic product.

Here are what acoustic properties the cartons have: NRC = 0.40. 

Reality is better described in the graph below:

Specialized products have a smooth curve, while the curve of the egg carton is characterized by sharp drops.

Another important "quality" of the egg cartons is their flammability. Take some cartons, bring them to a lighted match and see the result.


Would you still install something like this in your room?