29 February 2016

I want complete silence - is it possible?

Absolute sound insulation is achievable only in laboratory conditions. The quietest place in the world is laboratory in Orfiyld Mineapolis.

It is possible to achieve high class of sound insulation (80-90%) during the following conditions:

-in neighbourhood room the sound is made from speaking people, television, domestic appliances, pets and etc.

-in room which must be insulated, to treat all the walls, ceiling, floor and if it is necessary doors and windows.

100% sound insulation is hardly achievable because the constructive elements in one building are conect  by hard connection which determines break troughs in the sound insulation and real results  not more than 80-90%

Although for those with the most sensitive hearing  there is solution if you are  intending to live in separate construction  and you have possibility to make the room with concrete walls, ceiling and floors with thickness of  40 cm.. The advantages of this room would be that when it is not dwell you could rented it as sound insulated chamber for acoustic laboratory experiment.