29 February 2016

If the sound insulation is not 100%, then why should I do it?

The installation of soundproofing allows you to provide the comfort you need at home, even if your neighbors are quite noisy - scandals, loud sound from TV and stereo will no longer worry you.

Measuring noise insulation in percent is extremely incorrect. However, in order to get any idea, people always ask what the percentage will be. In the case of noise with predominantly medium and high frequencies (500Hz - 16000 Hz, emitted by a female voice, weeping baby, winding dog, licking parrot, winding vacuum cleaner, etc.), 100% sound insulation is possible.

In the case of noise with predominantly low frequencies (63-500 Hz, emitted by men with timbre type Djoko Rosic, stereo systems with subwoofer, home cinema, percussion instruments, etc.), the task of stopping noise is much more complicated, as the low frequencies are much easier to transmit by the structural elements due to the coincident resonances of the low frequency materials.

Why then should I make a sound insulation? The human ear is most sensitive in the range of 1000-4000Hz (high frequencies), low frequencies are felt more through the cavities in the human body - lung, stomach, etc. and this determines the different subjective perceptions of these frequencies by each individual. For example, when a person tries to fall asleep with closed eyes, then the hearing is exacerbated, therefor he begins clearly to hear most of the high-frequency sounds and if the soundproofing that solves the problem with high frequencies and at least a bit with the low, then it is possible to provide the necessary sound comfort for rest and sleep.