MUTE SYSTEM in Singapore

Since 2020, DECIBEL has entered into a partnership with a local company in Singapore to distribute, deliver and install MUTE SYSTEM for the residential and commercial sector. 

MUTE SYSTEM ™ is a thin-point connected soundproofing system for walls and ceilings developed and refined over the years by the R&D department of DECIBEL.

Varieties of MUTE SYSTEM are developed for sound insulation of residential premises but they are also suitable for offices, restaurants, and other areas where there is no possibility to perform thick sound insulation of more than 10 cm. The lack of construction and easy installation of the system makes it increasingly preferred by installers because it allows 3 times faster installation and does not require wet and dirty processes.

The latest project in Singapore was done in the recently opened trampoline fitness studio, where the customer wanted to soundproof the room from both, incoming and outgoing noise. After the installation of the system, the local installers shared that the sound insulation was easy to install and the customer was satisfied not only with the achieved effect of soundproofing on the walls, but also with the small thickness of the system.

MUTE SYSTEM ™ is manufactured in Bulgaria and is acoustically tested and certified in a European laboratory. In addition to laboratory tests, the system has passed hundreds of real tests in homes, offices, and public buildings of our customers, who remain satisfied with the achieved sound insulation results.

In the last few years, MUTE SYSTEM has been sold successfully in over 48 countries on 3 continents, successfully replacing and exceeding the sound insulation index of the classic pre-wall cladding for sound insulation, used in the last 30 years.

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