Acoustic treatment of а concert venue, Switzerland

MONDAYS AT SEVEN is an art series in Biel, where six to eight events take place every year on the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m. The productions mainly cover the fields of music and performances such as readings, dances, theater, etc. .

MONDAYS AT SEVEN is a place to experience art directly due to its format and its intimacy. The evenings allow interested visitors to have close contact with the artists. Therefore the acoustic environment of the venue has an utmost importance.


What was the problem? The venue needed correction of several aspects of bad acoustics with a low budget but efficiently working solution.


What was the goal? Improving the acoustical perception and the state of mind for artists and audience. To do so we had to eliminate modes, smooth the reverberation curve, enlarge the "good acoustic spots" in the audience seating area, and to eliminate flutters.


What was the solution? Together with the local and experienced acoustic consultant in Switzerland, DECIBEL provided Skyline Diffuser panels, in white color. Skyline Diffuser is a three-dimensional diffusion panel that is usually applied to walls or ceilings, providing double diffusion on both vertical and horizontal planes in listening rooms. It works on high frequencies, outlining and clarifying the sound.


The results: After the installation, the sound in the room became clear and transparent. The musicians can hear each other more comfortably. As for the audience, approx 50 seats (25 at the time due to COVID restrictions), the sound is well distributed, very even and the localization is excellent - there are no "bad seats" to hear the performance. The reverberation curve has become quite even and most importantly there are no more disturbing specular reflections. Both musicians and the audience are enjoying the musical performances and other cultural events in a better acoustical environment.


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