Boutique recording studio in Rome

The long experience and work of DECIBEL in the acoustics field in music studios, concert halls, bars, restaurants and other premises requiring a good acoustic environment, favored the expansion of the Bulgarian company on the Italian market in 2016.

DECIBEL received an invitation to design and supply sound absorbing materials selected to help achieving ideal acoustic environment by adjusting the mid, low and high frequencies and eliminating the reverberation in a boutique recording studio in Rome.

The request of the customer was not only to achieve high-level acoustics, but also a designer look. For this purpose among the classical acoustic foam materials are also used wooden perforated panels with impressive vision, acoustic panel with custom printed logo of the studio and diffusers mounted on the ceiling with black matte finish to achieve cristal clear sound.

More about the wide range of DECIBEL acoustic solutions can be found HERE. Our reference project are listed HERE.


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