Home cinema in Tel Aviv 2017


What makes a home cinema one total experience for the senses is choosing the right acoustic materials for it. The HD picture, high quality surround-sound system and suitable lighting are the elements in a home theater which will be nothing without the correct acoustic treatment of the room.

DECIBEL’s acoustic solutions are engineered to control all aspects of the acoustic in the cinema theaters. The sound absorbing qualities are combined with creative design which could match each interior.

These are the reasons why owner of a home studio in Tel Aviv has chosen DECIBEL’s product for treating his home cinema in the most professional way.

The products used in the home theater are Square Raster Absorber panels with red velvet finish and Dream Screen Acoustiq Absorbant. Both products are available not only in Bulgaria, but also in Norway by the acoustic distributor of DECIBEL AV shop.


If you’re planning to create your own home theater do not hesitate to get in touch with us at sales@decibel.bg