Sound insulation of floor with beam structure, February 2018, Sofia

Every noise problem in the residential sector is individual and has its own specifics, so the priority of our team specialists is to pay special attention to each customer by giving them the most suitable and efficient materials for the particular case. 

The best solution for dealing with noise is to isolate the source. In this case with impact noise on beam floor, our recommendation to the customer is the use of DECIBEL FM SYSTEM. The system is a "floating floor" type, the most important element of which is the Vibro FM vibro-insulation pad, which provides vibratory separation of the new floor from the existing slab, allowing eveling of the floor. To the system is included also SBR strip for isolating the new floor from the walls. For additional sound insulation is used an acoustic filling between the wooden beams on the new floor.

The noise insulation allows the use of rooms with a beam floors, without interfering with the owners of the surrounding apartments.