R & D

DECIBEL's research and development department is led by Ph.D. eng. Tsvetan Nedkov with a thesis topic on "Research and Development of methods and algorithms for calculating the transmission loss of partitions for concert halls and recording studios". In the development of new products, DECIBEL has successfully collaborated with the Department of Physics at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Geodesy, the Department of Radio and Telecommunications at the Technical University of Sofia, and the Polymer Engineering Department at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia.

Scientific contribution:

1. MUTE SYSTEM composite system with published results at the international scientific conference ICEST 2014

2. Designing and manufacturing of a reduced silencer chamber for testing samples in a physics laboratory at UACEG, reported at a scientific conference at UACEG, 2014

3. Development of industrial chevron silencers published in IJETCAS International Journal 2015

4. Multilayer composite soundproofing panels for walls, published on CEMA 2015

5. Modeling of acoustic systems with "finite element method" with published results at ICEST 2016 international conference

6. Experimental and numerical study of the influence of elastic porous material to coincidence frequency of a composite wall structure, science article for Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS)

7. Influence of hardness and damping factor of porous material upon generated drum sound from the impact of a metal disk and metal plate, presented at International conference – IcETRAN, 2017 

8. Development and realization of multilayered thin sound reduction panel for existing walls, presented at International conference – IcETRAN, 2017

9. Model of simplified calculation of characterizes of sound insulation with a composite slab in situations of impact noise, published in IJETCAS International Journal 2018

From R&D to production

The following products have been successfully implemented into serial production:

Soundproofing systems for walls: MUTE SYSTEM 20, MUTE SYSTEM 30, MUTE SYSTEM35, MUTE SYSTEM 23, MUTE SYSTEM 33, MUTE SYSTEM 63

Soundproofing systems for ceilings: C- MUTE SYSTEM, C - MUTE SYSTEM 23, C - MUTE SYSTEM 33, C - MUTE SYSTEM 63

Soundproofing system for floors: F - MUTE SYSTEM

Industrial chevron louver silencers - DECIBEL АL, DECIBEL LW 

Perforated acoustic panels-  ACER, CIRCULO, WAVO, DOMINO 


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