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Soundproofing & Acoustic Solutions for Studios

Soundproofing & Acoustic Solutions for Studios
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Soundproofing & Acoustic Solutions for Studios

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New technologies and modern acoustic materials are driving the development of modern DJ-ing and production. The most important thing for any artist who operates in a studio is to hear the created sounds, just as he would hear them on stage during a performance. The challenge for soundproofing and acoustic solutions in recording studios and music rooms usually sound very different from the large outdoor or indoor venues where the performances take place. Not infrequently, performers fail to recognize their own works when they take the stage, and the room they created was not properly acoustically treated. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to inspect the room, to define the type of music and instruments, as well as where the music will later be performed and how it should sound during the performance. Depending on these criteria, we prescribe the most suitable soundproofing for recording studios solution and how they can be placed to achieve the desired effect and attractive design.

On the other hand, professional recording studios are increasingly being built for mixed-use. Ie to record sound recordings, auditions, mastering and mixing studios, dubbing and live broadcasts. This is economically and business-wise on the one hand, but on the other hand, it is challenging in terms of acoustics and sound insulation. In our portfolio, there are many similar completed soundproofing for recording studios projects, with achieved results and fantastic design, which have brought to their owners quality products, satisfied customers and success in business.

In addition to the acoustic treatment and sound of a studio, its sound insulation is important, so that it can be used at any time without interfering with the other occupants of the building in which the studio is located. For analysis and design of optimal sound insulation, DECIBEL uses specialized software and modern high-quality solutions. After the execution of the project, we verify the achieved results with measurements and prove the project values ​​set as the client's requirements.

If you are planning to build or upgrade your studio, please contact us for a quote and professional advice on soundproofing and acoustic solutions for recording studios.

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