Soundproofing Solutions for Floors

Soundproofing a floor is imperative in minimising noise transmission between different levels of a building, thereby enhancing overall comfort, privacy, and productivity. Regardless of the source of noise, whether it be from neighbouring properties, busy office spaces, or industrial environments, effective floor soundproofing solutions play a key role. At DECIBEL, we provide a diverse range of acoustic flooring products meticulously designed to address your specific soundproofing requirements.

Understanding Floor Soundproofing

When it comes to floor soundproofing, various materials and techniques can be employed to effectively block sound waves and prevent noise from passing through floors. By employing these methods, it is possible to significantly reduce both airborne noise, which includes sounds like conversations and music, as well as impact noise, which involves sounds such as footsteps and moving furniture.

Benefits of Floor Soundproofing

  • Noise Reduction: Minimise the transmission of unwanted noise between floors.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Create private spaces by preventing sound from travelling between rooms or floors.
  • Comfort and Productivity: Reduce distractions and create a peaceful environment, ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.


Types of Acoustic Flooring Products


The F - MUTE SYSTEM™ 23 provides highly effective soundproofing for floors, addressing both impact and airborne noise. It combines dense board and elastic absorptive layers for superior sound insulation. Traditional flooring systems often underperform in reducing both airborne and impact sounds due to their low-density materials and rigid attachment to floor joists, which can create reverberant noise.

DECIBEL's F - MUTE SYSTEM™ 23 features an extremely dense fibre board known for its acoustic insulation performance, backed with a non-flammable and non-compressible acoustic foam to isolate impact noise from the sub-floor. This system exceeds Part E Building Regulations, making it ideal for new builds, building conversions, and DIY projects. It is suitable for installation over any existing floor structure, including reinforced concrete, steel, wooden, laminate, or parquet floors. Once laid, it can be overlayed with timber, engineered board, carpets, lino, etc.

Suitable for:

  • Residential premises
  • Public premises
  • Industrial buildings
  • Installation over various floor structures including tiles and parquet flooring


The F-Roll system is a thin-layered noise-reduction solution designed for floor soundproofing insulation, particularly effective against impact noise. It can be installed on any flat surface, including concrete, steel, and timber, as well as over existing floor finishes like ceramic and porcelain tiles, parquet, or engineered wood floors. The top surface accepts adhesive for attaching floor tiles or other finishes.

Suitable for:

  • Residential premises
  • Public premises
  • Industrial buildings
  • Installation over reinforced concrete, metal, timber floors, and tiles or parquet floors


DPACT is a floor soundproofing membrane made from closed-cell crosslinked polyethylene. It provides highly effective noise insulation with minimal loss of material thickness under load. This lightweight, waterproof, and heat-insulating membrane comes in 5 mm and 10 mm thicknesses, offering acoustic noise indices of ΔLw = 35 dB and ΔLw = 37 dB respectively.

Suitable for:

  • Installation directly on the slab under the concrete layer
  • Continuation on walls for at least 10 cm to ensure integrity during installation


DFON is a thin-layer impact noise reduction membrane with highly effective sound insulation properties due to its bitumen layer. It is applied under the concrete layer on the floor, providing sound insulation against impact noise with an acoustic index of ΔLw = 26 dB. This waterproof membrane is easy to install and requires the bitumen layer to be placed upwards during installation.

Suitable for:

  • Installation directly on the slab under the concrete layer
  • Continuation on walls for at least 10 cm

Noise Insulation Mat ROLL R5

The Roll series products, made from recycled SBR rubber, offer high resistance and elasticity, making them excellent insulators against impact noise under all floors. These mats adhere well to substrates and are easy to install with adhesive tape, providing high precision and efficiency.

Suitable for:

  • Impact noise insulation under all floors
  • Floors in industrial establishments
  • Floor slabs with floating screed
  • Floors with underfloor heating


Sylpro is a floor sound insulation mat designed for floating floors, reducing impact noise from walking, stamping, or moving objects. Made from high-density SBR rubber, Sylpro offers exceptional flexibility and dynamic stiffness, making it ideal for residential and office buildings.

Suitable for:

  • Floors in residential premises
  • Floors in industrial establishments
  • Floors with underfloor heating
  • Floating floors


SylCer is an acoustic underlay for ceramic floor tiles, ideal for improving sound insulation during floor restoration. Made from high-density SBR and EPDM recycled rubber, it insulates impact noise effectively and can be applied directly on existing floors without removal.

Suitable for:

  • Installation on existing floors in residential premises
  • Recovering traditional or any type of wooden flooring
  • Floors with underfloor heating


Sylwood is a sound insulation underlay for wood flooring, designed to meet all sound insulation requirements for existing buildings. Made from high-density rubber and cork granules, Sylwood reduces structural noise from walking, making it suitable for both new installations and the refurbishment of wooden floors.

Suitable for:

  • Installation on existing floors in residential premises
  • Recovering traditional or any type of wooden flooring
  • Floors with underfloor heating

By choosing DECIBEL's range of acoustic flooring products, you can ensure effective noise reduction, enhanced privacy, and improved comfort and productivity in any space. Contact us for more information or to organise professional installation.

How to Soundproof a Floor

Soundproofing a floor involves several steps and materials:

  1. Identify Noise Sources: Determine whether you are dealing with airborne or impact noise.
  2. Select the Right Products: Choose from acoustic flooring, soundproof floor boards, floor sound insulation, and soundproof floor mats such as the F - MUTE SYSTEM™ 23, F-Roll, DPACT, DFON, FLOOR IMPACT NOISE INSULATION MAT R5, Sylpro, SylCer, and Sylwood.
  3. Installation: Depending on your specific needs, installation can range from applying soundproof floor mats to installing acoustic floor insulation for comprehensive soundproofing.

Floor Soundproofing Use Cases 

  1. Residential Spaces: For bedrooms, living rooms, and apartments where a quiet and peaceful environment is essential, the F - MUTE SYSTEM™ 23 and Sylwood provide exceptional sound insulation, ensuring minimal noise disturbance from adjacent rooms or floors.
  2. Commercial Premises: In offices, conference rooms, and restaurants, the F-Roll and DFON systems effectively reduce impact noise and airborne sound, creating a more comfortable and productive workspace.
  3. Industrial Buildings: For factories, workshops, and machinery rooms, the FLOOR IMPACT NOISE INSULATION MAT R5 and DPACT offer robust soundproofing solutions, mitigating the impact of heavy machinery and industrial noise.
  4. Public Areas: In public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and auditoriums, the Sylpro and SylCer provide high-density sound insulation, ensuring a quieter and more controlled acoustic environment.
  5. Renovation Projects: For refurbishing existing floors, Sylwood and SylCer are ideal for improving sound insulation without the need for extensive structural changes, making them perfect for retrofitting in residential and commercial properties.
  6. Specialised Applications: In recording studios, home theatres, and other specialised settings where superior sound quality is paramount, the DPACT and F - MUTE SYSTEM™ 23 deliver outstanding performance in both impact and airborne noise reduction.

By selecting the right products tailored to these specific scenarios, you can achieve optimal soundproofing and enhance the acoustic comfort of any space.

DIY Soundproofing Solutions

DECIBEL offers DIY soundproofing products that are easy to install and come with detailed instructions and video guides. Whether you're looking to soundproof your home, office, or industrial space, our products provide professional results without the need for specialized tools or expertise.

Enhancing Building Efficiency with Soundproofed Floors

Residential soundproofing floor solutions not only improve noise control but also enhance overall building efficiency. By reducing noise pollution and improving acoustic quality, these solutions contribute to a more comfortable and productive environment, leading to increased occupant satisfaction and better performance in both residential and commercial settings.

Best-Performing Materials for Floor Soundproofing

The effectiveness of floor soundproofing depends largely on the materials used. High-density acoustic floor insulation, specialised soundproof flooring, and effective soundproof floorboards are among the best-performing materials. These materials work together to block and absorb sound, providing comprehensive noise reduction.

Explore our range of acoustic flooring solutions at DECIBEL to find the perfect products for your soundproofing needs and enjoy a quieter, more comfortable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you soundproof an existing floor?

You cannot directly install soundproofing floor membranes like F - MUTE SYSTEM™ 23, F-Roll, DPACT, DFON, Noise Insulation Mat ROLL R5, Sylpro, SylCer, and Sylwood over existing floors such as tiles, wood, etc. For effective soundproofing, you would need to remove the existing floor covering before installing these products.

How can I reduce noise in my floor?

To reduce noise, consider removing the existing floor covering and then installing high-density acoustic flooring materials and soundproofing membranes. For significant noise reduction, products like the F - MUTE SYSTEM™ 23 and Sylpro provide excellent results when installed on a prepared subfloor.

How do I reduce footstep noise from upstairs?

To reduce footstep noise, install impact noise reduction products like the Noise Insulation Mat ROLL R5, DPACT, or Sylpro on the upstairs subfloor. These materials are designed to absorb and dampen impact sounds like footsteps.

Which soundproofing products are best for residential spaces?

For residential spaces, the F - MUTE SYSTEM™ 23 and DPACT are highly effective, providing excellent sound insulation for bedrooms, living rooms, and apartments. These products help create a quieter and more peaceful environment.

What are the maintenance requirements for soundproofing materials?

Soundproofing materials generally require minimal maintenance. Once installed, they continue to provide effective noise reduction without the need for frequent upkeep. Regular cleaning of the floor surface is usually sufficient.

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