Sound insulation of electric generators in SOLVAY SODI, 2015

Solvay is an international chemical company established in Belgium in 1863. The Solvay Group has been present in Bulgaria since 1997 and has around 600 employees in 5 plants / administrative sites.

In October 2017 Solvay asked us to measure the noise in their thermal power plant in the village of Deven. The problem was the loud noise of two electric motors that emited though the building.

Our team’s measurement of the premises estimated over 102 Db, which significantly disturbed the work environment in the plant. It is proved that high noise levels reduce staff productivity to 66% and to negatively affect their heartbeat and overall health condition. This leads to frequent hospital visits during worktime and more cost to the employer. That is why our goal was to lower sound levels to the hygienic standards of 85 dB.

To achieve it we came up with the most effective solution for the case - to build cabins around the generators made from noise-insulating panels. They are specially designed and manufactured in our factory in Botevgrad with Certified Class A materials.

After we measured the noise in the room and made a comprehensive three-dimensional model of it, we started the design and manufacture of the panels. This process took us two weeks, during which we chose the special thickness and perforation according to the noise frequency range of the machines. We also modified their design values, because each case is specific to the geometry of the object.

The installation of the panels took us one calendar week, during which we successfully silenced the electric motors without disrupting their cooling and disturbing or stopping their work.

The last step of our project was to measure and evaluate the results. Our engineering department recorded a noise of 82.1 dB. That way, we surpassed our assigned project values ​​by 2.9 dB below the hygiene norm.

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