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The main purpose of a hotel business is to provide their guests with rest and relaxation. In order to achieve this, every hotel must meet its client’s needs and desires with a proper interior; a quiet location, a pleasant view, and of course with quiet rooms.

Due to the specific nature of the latter, many hotels ignore prioritizing a quiet environment in favor of accommodating more visible needs for the comfort of their guests. As temporary accommodation facilities, hotels are constantly inhabited by a variety of people with different lifestyles. Complaints about noise coming from a room next door or a humming in open spaces, such as conference rooms and receptions, are all too common in hotels.

DECIBEL offers lasting solutions to all noise аnd sound related problems. The company offers different solutions based on the source of the problem. The noise commonly found in conference rooms and lobby bars is often due to high levels of reverberation and requires acoustic treatment. DECIBEL solves these problems by installing acoustic panels with an emphasis on design in order to compliment the interior of the hotel.

Due to a lack of soundproofing, hotel rooms are often exposed to outside noise, which prevents guests staying in them from being able to relax. The closed-loop solution that DECIBEL offers is noise insulation against impact noise, which will make the client’s stay at the hotel far more enjoyable.

Because of the peculiar nature of hotel work, DECIBEL provides custom orders to meet the high quality expectations of our clients.

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