Acoustic treatment of studio Zvukozapis, Sofia

DECIBEL’s work with Zvukozapis studio goes through initial measurements, individual acoustic design, installation and final measurement. The studio has professional equipment and the last step of creating the perfect sound recording studio is to treat the room with professional acoustics. 

A combination of different types of acoustic panels operating in the narrow and wide range is used in the implementation of the project in order to be able to treat the room evenly, and the bass traps used for the angles serve to reduce the sound pressure at the corners.

The combination of gray and blue colors, combined with the beautiful and restrained design of the panels, help creating a stylish and cozy work environment in the studio.

 With acoustic treatment, the room performs its function in the best way and is ideally suited for audio recordings. Learn more about Zvukozapis here.

 Used materials:

TIHO panels with flock finish

Square Raster Absorber with flock finish 

Arc Bass Trap