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Soundproofing of transportation lanes

Soundproofing of transportation lanes
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Soundproofing of transportation lanes

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Lafarge is part of the Holcim Group, a global leader in the production of construction materials.  Having operations in over 70 countries, Lafarge has extensive experience and knowledge of the Building Products market. It focuses much of its efforts on innovation and implementation of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

One of Lafarge’s operational plants is in Serbia. It is a processing plant for the manufacture of cement. The process includes a long conveyor system for the transport of raw materials from the mine to the processing plant. This conveyor passes through a residential area.

The Challenge

DECIBEL was contacted to help solve a noise problem caused by this conveyor system. The noise generated in key residential areas was as much as 65dB. Lafarge desired to reduce the noise at these locations down to 50dB.

The Approach

The project's main goal was to treat the spillway tower and parts of the conveyor line without a need to stop operations. The health & safety of our engineering and installation teams were of paramount importance. Decibel's engineers designed bespoke acoustic panels, made of galvanised steel trays, mineral wool core and perforated face. This system allows for both noise absorption and transmission loss. These panels were used to line the conveyor belt and prevent sound break-out.

Within the spillway tower, we determined that the construction of the tower's outer skin provided adequate transmission loss, but that acoustic absorption was required to reduce reverberation.  So perforated galvanised trays with a mineral wool core were adequate to resolve the noise generated from this tower.

The Results

After the addition of absorption into the spillway tower, and treating approximately 35 metres of the conveyor line, the noise levels measured at key points were actually less than the targeted 50dB. Local residents and Lafarge were extremely impressed with the improvement in their daily lives.

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