Banca Intesa - soundproofing construction for chillers, Belgrade, 2018

Banca Intesa is one of the leading banks in Serbia with almost 1.7 million trusted clients. This bank leader has a network business of 158 branches in 100 cities in Serbia.

The headquarter of Banka Intesa is situated in the center of Belgrad, where DECIBEL has collaborated with Decibel Acoustic Solution in finding the optimal soundproofing solution.

The project covered designing a solution for noise control coming from chillers, placed on the roof of the building. Our work with our Serbian partners from Decibel Acoustic Solution included a complete solution- before and after measurements, design, production and installation on site.

The whole project took us 24 days. The noise on the roof created by the chillers was minimized thanks to the installed construction of specially designed perforated panels.

The key to successfully soundproofing a noise source is always offering the complete solution and verifying the project results after installation. DECIBEL is specialized in giving complete solutions not only for the industrial sector but also for the residential and public sector.