Personal audio simulation to determine the degree of sound insulation required

The purpose of the simulation is to be present to the customer (to hear) the real effect of many sound insulation types and to choose the most appropriate for himself, as a balance between effect and price.

The simulation takes place for about 60 minutes in which an acoustic engineer will integrate the dimensions and geometry of your room into a specialized software space and calculate what the current noise level is. This noise is generated through a diffused emitter, after which, by adding different soundproofing solutions in the software, the customer will hear the different sound insulation that can be achieved in the room. Once the ideal system for the customer has been specified and selected within 3 business days, it is valued and can be ordered.

The audio simulations take place after scheduled appointments and are charged against the actual price list of Decibel Ltd. For subscription and more information about the personal audio simulation please call 0889 437 847 or contact us at


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