FOMEX Pyramid

Product Overview

FOMEX Pyramid Absorber is a classic absorbing material for high frequencies. Recommended for installation in small and medium-sized rooms with constant waves and echoes.


  • Conference rooms
  • Call centres
  • Television and radio studios
  • Recording studios
  • Sound editing rooms
  • Rehearsal halls
  • Music halls
  • Public spaces
  • Concert halls
  • Classrooms.

Technical data

Material:Polyurethane foam
Density:75 kg / m³ (ISO 845)
CDH 40% Hardness:2.8 kPa (ISO 3386)
Color:dark gray
Panel dimensions:100 x 200 cm
Base thickness:1 cm
Total thickness at the top of the pyramid:4 cm / 5 cm
Installation:Material can be glued to walls and ceilings with polyurethane adhesive.

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