Perforated acoustic panel - WavO

Product Overview

WavO perforated acoustic wall panel with its exquisite design gives excellent indication for sound absorbing capacity. This panel with its combination of acoustic foam and perforated MDF face is a highly effective solution for room acoustic. Its impressive design inspired by the acoustic waves form different kind of arrangements which makes it suitable for every interior.  Its sound absorbing qualities contributes to the audibility in residential and public premises.


The acoustic panels are suitable for:

- Bars and clubs 
- Shopping centres
- Restaurants
- Hotel lobbies
- Conference halls and offices
- Meeting rooms and home cinemas

Technical Details

Dimensions: 500 mm. X 500 mm.Х 57 mm.
Material: Perforated MDF maple finish and acoustic foam
Weight: 2.14 kg per unit
Color: V01 - Frozen bark
Installation: on walls and ceilings through direct gluing
Perforation: 9.7%
Detailed instructions for installation: Perforated acoustic panels_Instalaltion_guide.pdf


The adhesive for the installation is polyurethane installation glue available for order from Decibel.

Acoustic Performance

Technical data

Material MDF white mat finish and acoustic foam
Color V01 Frozen bark (from our product catalogue)
Dimensions 500 x 500 mm
Thickness 57 mm
Weight 2.14 kg per unit
Perforation 9.7 %
Installation wall, ceiling glued