Sound absorbing height class Bass Trap - "P"

Product Overview

"P" bass trap is exclusively designed to provide effective low-frequency absorption between 125-250Hz. The wooden face plate comes in 7 mm thickness, and has 3.14% of perforation made of 15 cross shaped openings. The openings are in the shape of "cross", are more effective than the standard round holes. The perforated face plate and the body of acoustic foam act as "Helmholtz resonator". To get the complete ultimate look, we have covered the bass trap with an elegant black acoustic fabric that gives the final touch of the “P” bass trap. It is designed for application in the corners of the room, where excess sound energy in this spectrum is accumulated.


“P” bass trap is suitable for:

 - Recording and broadcast studios
 - Listening rooms
 - Home theaters
 - Conference and teleconference rooms
 - Offices
 - Rehearsal rooms
 - Call centers               

Technical Details

Dimensions front plate: 420 x 1000 mm
Side wall: 300 x 1000 mm
Design: black fabric with seeable cross perforation
Perforation: 3,14 %
Material: perforated wooden plate and acoustic fabric (face)
Weight: 5 kg per unit
Installation: corner glued

Acoustic Performance

Technical data

Material Perforated wooden plate and acoustic fabric (face)
Design black fabric with seeable cross perforation
Dimensions front plate 420 x 1000 mm
Side wall 300 x 1000 mm
Weight 3 kg per unit
Perforation 3,14%
Installation corner glued