Acoustic panel - Wedge Absorber

Product Overview


Wedge Absorber acoustic panel is one of the classic sound absorption solutions used in millions of music studios and rooms for achieving optimum acoustic performance. Effectively reduces the negative impact of standing waves and flutter echo in the rooms. Wedge Absorber is the "working horse" in the acoustic treatment of all geometries and volumes of premises without requiring the assistance of a professional acoustics. The sound absorption levels of the panel in the high frequency range can be changed by rotating it in horizontal or vertical direction and thereby to adjust the volume relative to the listener desire.


Wedge Absorber acoustic panel is suitable for:

Rehearsal studios to create acoustical properties required for recording sound
Acoustic solution for home cinema systems
- Recording rooms to achieve optimum acoustic properties

Wedge Absorber is made for wall or ceiling installation. The acoustic panel should be at the listening level, when is used for walls and above listening position for ceilings.

Technical Details

Material: Acoustic Foam
Weight: 0.205 kg
Hardness: 2.8 kPa (ISO 3386)
Colour: Dark grey
Size of a plate: 45 x 45 cm
Thickness of one plate: 4 cm
Weight: 0.205 kg

Acoustic Performance