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Аcoustic baffles in the NBU

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Аcoustic baffles in the NBU

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After a successful cooperation in 2017, in the beginning of 2019, we at DECIBEL were again contacted by our customer - the New Bulgarian University, in order to solve an issue with acoustics in their newly built sector with classrooms by reducing the reverb time.

The rooms at the NBU are entirely made of glass - aquarium type. In rooms of this kind, made entirely of solid and reflective surfaces such as glass, the reverberation time (echo) increases. Echoing hinders the levels of speech intelligibility, creates tension in the speaker and leads to decreased concentration in students.The ceiling of the room is also open, as the glass partitions do not reach it, in order to better aerate the room. Constructed like this, the ceiling does not stop the transmission of sounds between the rooms.

Often DECIBEL engineersface the challenge of solving an acoustics problem, after the completion of the project and even the interior. Our experience shows that when the sound insulation is not included in the project on design stagebut subsequently imposed, the projects become more expensive as the changes need to be applied on already completed spaces.

In order tosolve the issue at NBU and reduce the levels of reverberation, DECIBEL's engineers proposed to place horizontal acoustic baffles on the ceiling without changing the appearance of the the glass partitions. The baffles were made of impregnated technical polyurethane and acoustic textile.

The regulatory requirement for classrooms is RT <0.80sec.

The result of the measurements made it clear that we successfully reduced the sound level in the rooms and improved the acoustic environment with 4dB that can be sensed.

If you also need to reduce the levels of noise you are subject to - do not postpone it! Contact us as soon as possible. Our mission is to design, develop and achieve sound proofing solutions that significantly improve the authentic living and working atmosphere of our customers.

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