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Booth for testing and measurements

Booth for testing and measurements
Booth for testing and measurements
Booth for testing and measurements
Booth for testing and measurements
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Booth for testing and measurements

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ABB is an innovative global leader in power and power products, robots and drives, industrial automation and power networks.

ABB has over 2,500 employees in Bulgaria and operates with a head office in Sofia and four branches of the company in the country. Two of the manufacturing units are located in Rakovski and produce low and medium voltage electrical components. 

In one of the recent collaborations between DECIBEL and ABB, the subject of noise insulation is a camera for reference noise measurement in one of ABB's production unit. The requirements in the job are the background noise in the cabin, where the measurements are made, to reach levels lower than 15 dB. Higher noise levels would lead to inaccurate testing and undermined the camera measurements.

There was already built noise insulation cabin around the testing camera which, however, does not meet the requirements for functionality and operation (background noise below 15 dB). Measurements performed by our acoustic engineer on a closed door show sound levels ranging between 19 and 21 dB (Figure 1). For this reason, DECIBEL builds an additional silencer booth around the already existing cabin.

The DECIBEL team's view and measurements made it clear that the sound spectrum of the background noise is heavily saturated with production sounds that have a varying amplitude within large limits. Noise control of this magnitude requires the low and medium frequencies to be maximally soundproofed.

All measurements, prescriptions and results are included in a noise insulation project. The construction of the additional sound insulating booth and the use of the appropriate materials in it helps to achieve maximum background noise levels of 14.5 dB. The results achieved with the DECIBEL intervention are excellent and the customer's requirements for certain noise levels are met (Figure 2).


For more information on the case or consultation on such a problem, please contact us at +359 882 413 902 or write to us at office@decibelinternational.co.uk.

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