DECIBEL soundproofing enclosure

Product Overview

To reduce the noise from manufacturing machines and production equipment DECIBEL has created a highly efficient enclosure that aims to eliminate the noise coming from them.

The DECIBEL Enclosure is designed to protect workers from noise generated during work. In industrial settings, noise from equipment often goes beyond hearing safety limits. It also impedes communication between workers. The DECIBEL Enclosure is an efficient way to solve problems of this nature. All DECIBEL Enclosures are customizable and easy to assembled and disassembled according to the specific equipment and needs.

Choff-KA silencer

In order to achieve supreme noise reduction from the silencer’s openings, DECIBEL has developed the CHOFF-KA silencer. The steel mechanism in the beginning of the silencer helps eliminate the open area and therefore the noise transmission, but at the same time still offers access to the enclosed machine. The main reason for choosing steel instead of the conventional rubber is to provide better noise reduction thanks to the bigger mass and the much greater wear resistance of the material.

Technical data

Design:Custom project
Colour:RAL; Custom Design
Dimensions:Custom Project
Additional Components:Silencers, Coulisses, electric motors, windows, doors, ventilation
Assembly on site:Yes


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