R - mini

The R - mini anti-vibration rubber swab is designed to solve vibration problems caused by relatively low weight machines (up to 80kg). Due to its design, the vibration-insulating pad provides more elasticity under dynamic loading, which helps for better insulation.

The swab can be used for ceiling or floor mounting or on another metal structure. The rubber pad is secured by a bolt and a nut to the machine.

The anti-vibration rubber pad is made of high-quality EPDM elastomer, with excellent elastic properties designed for maximum vibration reduction.

Optimal load 20 kg / pc.

Application and installation

Rubber swab R - mini can be used as anti-vibration support, vibrating suspension in machines with relatively low weight up to 80 kg (air conditioners and fans) and others.

The mounting of the swab is by means of plugs F8 or by means of a bolt with nut F8. The dowel passes directly through the opening of the anti-vibration pad, as an important condition is not to be "pressed" tightly to the surface on which it is mounted. It is important to know that when the heavy panels of the structure are suspended, normal deformation in the anti-vibration pad from 1 cm to 2 cm is expected.


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