Anti vibration metal rubber mount - Vibro EM.2

Product Overview

VIBRO-EΜ.2 is a result of specialized research and it is made by an elastomer that includes additional substances that improve its deflection and antivibration capabilities.The metal cover provides protection from various fluids, like oil and water. In addition it protects the main body of the antivibration mount from sunbeams increasing its life time.

The metal cover has 1.5 mm thickness and its from galvanized steel which prevent oxidation. Thus the rubber part is protected. The rest of the metal parts are covered by rubber and are protected from oxidation too. The top and bottom surface has special lining that increase friction and reduce the surface slipping. The top part Vibro EM2 has an M-10 thread and a tightening nut. The bottom base has two 9 mm holes.


Anti vibration metal rubber mount Vibro - EM.2 is suitable for:

Air handling units and conditioning
Air compressors and ventilators
Transformers and motor generators
Cutting and printing machines

Technical Details

Materials: elastomer and galvanized metal sheet
Length: 120 mm
Height: 45 mm
Maximal deformation: 4 mm
Maximal load range: 60 kg - 200 kg

RED 10-60
BLUE 50 - 100
WHITE 100 - 220

Load deflection curve Vibro EM.2 White

Load deflection curve Vibro EM.2 Blue

Load deflection curve Vibro EM.2 Red