Multidirectional antivibration mount Vibro 3D

Product Overview

The antivibration mount Vibro 3D can offer vibration control in every direction. Its innovative design can sustain impulsive loads in all the three axis(x, y, z), and is capable to receive high vertical or lateral shocks with minimum danger of destruction (fail safe).

The main internal elastic material is polyourethane foam with semi closed cells, which is produced in Germany with the trademark Regufoam®. The external shell consists of especially formed galvanised metal sheet. Ability of angular misalignment up to 15o . Suitable for marine and aeronautics applications, protection of electronic racks/equipment, support of freon cooling pipes, etc.


Multidirectional antivibration mount Vibro 3D is suitable for:

Vibro insulation of CFS pipes
Vibro insulation of high-speed motors
Vibro isolation of electric motors
Anti-seismic damper for machines
In the naval and aviation industry

The Decibel 3D Vibrating Insulation Pad is available in two versions - for floor and wall/ceiling mounting. The engineers of Decibel are at disposal to help with the choice of right type Vibro insulation Decibel 3D for each project.


Types: Violet, gray, beige, turquoise and red

Technical Details

Material: acoustic foam and galvanized metal sheet
Dimensions: 100 x 100 mm
Height: 55 mm
Maximal load range: 15 kg - 200 kg

Load range of Vibro 3D

Type Maximal load (kg)
Violet 15 kg
Gray 35 kg
Beige 70 kg
Turquoise 140 kg
Red 200 kg

Load deflection curve Vibro 3D Grey

Load deflection curve Vibro 3D Beige

Load deflection curve Vibro 3D Red