Cloud monitoring Webnoise

Cloud monitoring Webnoise
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Cloud monitoring Webnoise

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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. is a customizable solution for cloud monitoring and visualization of environmental parameters (such as noise, vibrations, air quality, seismic activity, meteorological data, particulate matter, acidity).

The manufacturer of the hardware computing and communication components and the overall software base is SPEKTRI Ltd., Bulgaria.

The Cloud-type Webnoise platform, created and maintained by SPECTRI Ltd., is a modern, reliable non-Windows based system designed to provide continuous monitoring and measurement, as well as to prevent loss of measurement data in the event of a terminal fault; loss of communication link.

The measurements are based on continuous periodic reports of real measured environmental parameters. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to visualize selected parameters in real time. The data is recorded continuously and the relevant parameters are calculated without interruption. The server builds up and updates a historical database while providing data replication and data protection.


Webnoise Structure:

  • Using the product through a renewable annual subscription contract;
  • The subscriber obtains non-exclusive rights to use the product;
  • During the term of an existing subscription contract, SPECTRI LTD undertakes to maintain the product as well as to store, synchronize and maintain measurement data obtained by the system; 
  • During the period of an existing subscription contract, the Subscriber undertakes to maintain the functionality and communication functionality of the measuring stations that communicate and submit data to the product.
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