Noise and Vibration at Work Safety Kit

Noise and Vibration at Work Safety Kit
Noise and Vibration at Work Safety Kit
Noise and Vibration at Work Safety Kit
Noise and Vibration at Work Safety Kit
Noise and Vibration at Work Safety Kit
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Noise and Vibration at Work Safety Kit

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Most workers using power tools will be subjected to the effects of noise on their hearing as well as effects like vibration white finger from hand-arm vibration. Noise & Vibration Safety Kit combines our popular noise measurement kit Pulsar Nova model 44 Class 2 Noise at Work Decibel meter (and acoustic calibrator) together with our hand-arm vibration meter, the HAV meter vB.  

Get all the functionality of our most popular high-performance Sound Level Meters with the easy-to-use and versatile Hand Arm Vibration meter and protect workers from Hearing Loss, HAVS, and Vibration White Finger, and your business is protected from costly compensation claims by combining these two essential health and safety meters. 


Workers are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss and vibration white finger if they regularly use hand-held power tools and machines such as:

  • Concrete breakers, concrete pokers;
  • Sanders, grinders, disc cutters;
  • Hammer drills;
  • Chipping hammers;
  • Chainsaws, brush cutters, hedge trimmers,
  • Powered mowers;
  • Scrabblers or needle guns.



About the HAV Meter vB

The Pulsar vB Hand-Arm Vibration Meter is the only meter you need to take hand-arm vibration measurements of power tools and start protecting your workers from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and your business from costly compensation claims.

The Pulsar vB is: 

  • Very easy to use
  • Takes all the essential measurements, and
  • Allows for effortless reporting for vibration risk assessments

About the Pulsar Nova

The Pulsar Nova Model 44 (Class 2) sound level meters are part of the Pulsar Nova range of high-performance Sound Level Meters that successfully combine advanced technology noise measurement with ease of use, practical applications, and durability. They are ideal for Noise at Work, Industrial Hygiene, Construction, and Entertainment noise measurement. We are offering this model sound level meter with data logging as standard and as a kit with an acoustic calibrator and hard case. 

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