Visco membrane

Product Overview

Visco membrane is a synthetic high-elastic soundproofing material based on polymers and lead-free bitumen. The material has a damping effect on thin-walled panels (sheet metal, polycarbonate panels and air ducts). The membrane can be used for sound insulation of airborne and impact noise.



High bulk density 2000 kg / m3

Heat resistant

Flammability group - BS1 d0.

Does not absorb moisture


Visco membrane can be used for: 

- Sound insulation of partition walls

- Sound insulation of thin-walled flat - metal sheets, polycarbonate panels, metal doors, pre-wall linings

- Sound insulation of booths.

- Car sound insulation, door vibration control, shutters and floor.


Characteristics of the Visco roll:

Length 2 m

Width 1,22 m

Material thickness 2.5 mm

Roll weight: 10 kg

Flexibility and elasticity.

Easy to use.

Easy to install on uneven surfaces (for example, in corners)

Warm and cold resistant