F - MUTE SYSTEM™ 23 - Impact & Airborne Noise Reduction

1. Wall of hollow ceramic brick
2. F - MUTE SYSTEM™ 23
3. Gypsum Fibreboard
4. DCstrip™ banding tape
5. Reinforced concrete plate
6. DCscrew™

Product overview

F - MUTE SISTEM ™ 23 is highly effective sound insulation for floors suitable for both impact and airborne noise. Its sound insulating properties are achieved by the combination of thick and elastic high- effective layers. The total thickness of the sound insulating panel is 23 mm.

What allows DECIBEL to ensures the quality and efficiency of the system is that its soundproofing parameters are simulated using FEM and after that verified with laboratory tests.

The soundproofing system can be Installed on existing floors from reinforced concrete and metal constructions, over flat surface or over existing floorings/tiles and old parquet. Ceramic tiles, natural and laminated parquet, carpet and other floorings can be laid on top of the soundproofing system.

Weighted airborne sound reduction index (Rw) is tested in accordance with EN ISO 10140-2:2010. Fire resistance classificaiton of B, s1 - d0 is in accordance with EN ISO 13501-1:2018.


F - MUTE SYSTEM 23 is suitable for:

- Residential premises
- Public premises
- Industrial buildings
- Installation over floors from reinforced concrete and metal constructions over flat surface 
- Installation over tiles or old parquet 

The installation doesn’t need professional skills, but if you prefer it can done by a professional installer of sound insulation, please contact us at office@decibelinternational.co.uk for more information. 

Sound reduction index

Technical information

Dimensions1200 x 1000 x 23mm
Weight17.4 kg
Full system thickness37 mm
Panel-wall contacting area<1%
Airborne sound reductionto 61 dB
Impact sound reductionto 58 dB
Fire ResistanceB, s1 - d0
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