Roll R5 - basic class soundproofing for floors

Product Overview

The Roll series contains various products for flooring sound-insulation, which exist in the construction sector for over 30 years. This serie is one of the most reliable and tested in the market and represents the long experience of ISOLGOMMA in the research and development of innovative materials and production processes. The use of special recycled rubber called SBR gives to the product high resistance and elasticity. This make it excellent insulator against impact noise under all floors. Roll series products have a high sound insulation characteristics and are easy to install. Sustainable and flexible padding adheres very well to the substrate and thanks to adhesive tape is applied quickly and easily with high precision at the ends.


Roll R5 is suitable for:

- Impact noise insulation under all floors
Floors in industrial establishments
Floor slabs with floating screed
- Floors with underfloor heating
- Extra - thick screeds


The installation doesn’t need professional skills, but if you prefer it can done by a professional installer of sound insulation, please contact us for more information.

Technical Details

Dimensions Roll R5 roll: 5 m x 1 m
Thickness Roll R5: 5 mm
Weight: 1.8 kg/m²
Dynamic stiffness for dry application: 29 MN/мᶟ EN 29052/1
Compression at strain 10%: 1.64 kPa EN 826