Sylpro - sound insulation mat for structural noise

Product Overview

Sylpro is a sound insulation pad designed to improve the sound insulation of floating floors, where the impact noise is caused by walking, stamping or moving objects on the floor. The laying of Sylpro reduces the "sharpness" of the impact noise and subjectively makes it more "deaf". This material is suitable for usage in residential and office buildings, where the goal is to minimize disturbance to the occupants of the premises below. Sylpro can be used in new buildings before executing screed or reconstruction of floors, by direct application onto existing surfaces.

Sylpro is made by thin rubber mat, made of SBR rubber with higher density - 730 kg/M3. Compared with the other available insulation underlayment Sylpro is characterized by very high volume weight, outstanding flexibility (unbreakability/ friability) and dynamic stiffness of 63 MN/m3. The material is easy for cutting and laying, as well as for transportation and storage. Sylpro is waterproof, does not change the structure and thickness over time and is manufactured according to standard Leed - defining provisions for environmental and sustainable development. Sylpro is manufactured by the company Isolgomma Italia.


Sylpro sound insulation pad is suitable for:

- Floors in residential premises
- Floors in industrial establishments
- Floors with underfloor heating
- Floating floors

Sylpro is designed for installation on horizontal partition elements for impact noise insulation. It can be applied over or under mortar and directly into soft surfaces with polyurethane  mounting adhesive. The width of the roll is 125 cm.

The installation doesn’t need professional skills, but if you prefer it can done by a professional installer of sound insulation, please contact us for more information.

Technical Details

Dimensions Sylpro roll: 10 m x 1.25 m
Thickness Sylpro: 5 mm
Density: 730 kg./m³
Weight: 3.7 kg/m²
Dynamic stiffness for dry application: 63 MN/мᶟ EN 29052/1
Compression at strain 10%: 82 kPa EN 826
Hardness: 48 - 52 по Shore A DIN 53505