Sylwood - sound insulation pad for impact noise under wooden floors

Product Overview

Sylwood series is a range of innovative, high quality products specifically designed to improve the sound insulation of existing buildings.

Sylwood is a thin processed rubber mat with high density and cork granules that reduce the structural noise from walking / stepping in accordance with the local standards. This product is specifically designed to meet all requirements for sound insulation in the restructuring and improvement of the existing pavement, including natural and ready to use wooden floorings. Sylwood can easily be applied directly under wooden flooring and details.

Syl series are part of the family of the rubber products, created with environmentally friendly technology and production processes, which allows the use of more than 92% of recycled and / or processed materials. This series contributes to the point of LEED® standard system in the code area of MR 1.1-1.2-2-3-4-5.


Sylwood sound insulation pad is suitable for:

- Installation on existing floors in residential premises
- Recovering of traditional or any type of wooden flooring
- Floors with underfloor heating
- Acoustic correction of existing floors in accordance with regulatory provisions

The installation doesn’t need professional skills, but if you prefer it can done by a professional installer of sound insulation, please contact us for more information.

Technical Details

Dimensions Sylwood roll: 20 m x 1 m
Thickness Sylwood: 3 mm
Density: 700 kg./m³
Weight: 2.1 kg/m²
Dynamic stiffness for dry application: 235 MN/мᶟ EN 29052/1
Compression at strain 10%: 357 kPa EN 826
Hardness: 55 по Shore A DIN 53505