F - Roll System - thin layered noise insulation

1 Reinforced concrete plate
2 Wall of hollow cermic brick
3 Mute banding tape
4 Antivibration pad under ceramic flooring
5 Stucco
6 Wood/laminate flooring

Product Overview

F-Roll is a thin layered noise-reduction system designed for horizontal elements (floors). It is designed to reduce impact noise. Install it on floors of reinforced concrete and metal structures on a flat surface, including on existing flooring /tile, old parquet/. On top of it, tiles, natural, laminated parquet can be directly glued (adhesive Class C2).

The advantages of F-Roll System are its simple installation and good elastic features of the substrate. The sound insulating properties of the system ensure noise acoustic insulation between 19 and 24 dB depending on the thickness of the existing slab.


F - Mute system is suitable for:

- Residential premises
- Public premises
- Industrial buildings
- Instalation over floors from reinforced concrete and metal constructions over flat surface
- Instalation over tiles or old parquet

The installation doesn’t need professional skills, but if you prefer it can done by a professional installer of sound insulation, please contact us for more information.

Technical Details

Dimensions F - Roll insulation under parquet: 1000x2000x3 mm
Dimensions F - Roll insulation under tiles: 1250x2000x3 mm
Weigh: 2.46 kg/m²
Dynamic hardness: 77 MN/mᶟ EN 29052/1
Shrinkage deformation 10 %: 102 kPa, EN 826
Hardness: 48 - 52 Shore A, DIN 53505

Index of sound insulation and Ln, w against impact noise

Type of partition element Weight Rw Rw
kg/m² without insulation F-Roll
Reinforced concrete slab 100 mm 234 86 68
Reinforced concrete slab 120 mm 281 83 65
Reinforced concrete slab 140 mm 328 80 64
Reinforced concrete slab 160 mm 375 79 61
Reinforced concrete slab 180 mm 421 77 61
Reinforced concrete slab 200 mm 468 75 60

Index of sound insulation