Soundproofing membrane DPACT

Product Overview

Membrane DPACT is a thin-layer high effective noise insulation formed of closed cell crosslinked polyethylene, with closed pores on both sides, with improved formulation for acoustic insulation. The loss of material thickness at the load is minimal. 

DPACT is extremely lightweight and easy to cut, work and install. The membrane is waterproof and heat-insulating, free of CFCs. DPACT has a thickness of 5 mm and 10 mm.

Provides an acoustic noise index ΔLw = 24 dB (5 mm) and ΔLw = 28 dB (10 mm).


The installation is carried out directly on the slab under the concrete layer. It is placed by overlapping the rows of at least 2 cm. It should not be fixed with nails or screws to the floor. A required condition for the installation is that the membrane must continue on the walls at least 10 cm. When installing the membrane and pouring the winding, the integrity of the membrane must not be impaired.

DPACT can be placed under or over the heating pipes.


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Technical data

Thickness 5 mm and 10 mm
Sound insulation against impact noise (5 mm thickness) 24 dB
Sound insulation against impact noise (10 mm thickness) 28 dB
Weight (5 mm thickness) 0.100 kg/m2
Weight (10 mm thickness) 0.120 kg/m2
Dynamic hardness (5 mm thickness) 87 MN/m2 (EN 29052-1)
Dynamic hardness (10 mm thickness) 57.7 MN/m2 (EN 29052-1)
Compressibility 0.4 mm (UNE EN 12431)