VISTO 48 evolutionary elastic soundproofing panel

Product Overview

VISTO48 is a high - tech soundproofing and sound absorbing elastic panel for walls and ceilings. The different layers combined in the panel achieve much higher levels of sound insulation compared to the traditional materials such as glass, mineral, rock mineral wool or cork. The position of the highly elastic polyvinyl diaphragm (middle layer) works as soundproofing and sound absorbing membrane. The wavy shape of the porous material (front layer) is optimised geometry that increased sound absorption in the range 400-650 Hz, which are the most typical frequency of the human voice.

VISTO 48 is patented product, result of two years elaboration, during which the actual parameters determining the acoustic properties were examined, such as:

* Airway resistance’s strength
* Viscous and thermal length of the pore
* Porosity

All acoustic studies have led to a change in the geometric dimensions of the cell structure in order to enhance the sound absorbing and sound insulation features of VISTO 48.

The achieved optimal ratio of these parameters ensures high levels of absorption of the front and bottom layer, the table and the coefficient of the diaphragm layer’s internal losses contribute to the high proofing parameters VISTO 48.



Soundproofing panel VISTO 48 is suitable for:

- Installation in plasterboard (as substitute for traditional mineral wadding) above suspended ceilings, under raised floors and as opened facing in studios and rehearsal.

- For wall sound insulation. The panel must be installed between supporting profiles of plasterboard structure, where it can be tucked between profiles adhered to the same wall with glue VISTO BOND or attached to mounting elements VISTO FIX.

- For raised floor soundproofing. VISTO48 should be applied directly over an existing floor without gluing. More sound insulation for floors, see here.

- For above suspended raster ceiling installation. VISTO 48 panel has to be applied directly on the raster structure, which should be reinforced with additional hangers to prevent sagging.

Technical Details

Dimensions: 100 cm x 60 cm x 4.8 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Material: Highly elastic polyvinyl and acoustic foam
Installation: on walls and ceilings through direct gluing
Sound absorption: 400 - 650 Hz

The adhesive for the installation is polyurethane installation glue available for order from Decibel.