Product Overview

Tecwool is a new fire resistant product for soundproofing and acoustics for domestic and industrial use. Thanks to the combination of different layers the Tecwool panel achieve much higher levels of sound reduction compared to the traditional materials with this thickness. Highly visco-elastic polyvinyl works as soundproofing and sound absorbing membrane. The front cover is made of black glass veil to seal the wool and to give the material better acoustic performance.


Soundproofing panel Tecwool is suitable for:

- Installation in plasterboard (as substitute for traditional mineral wadding) above suspended ceilings, under raised floors and as opened facing in studios and rehearsal.

- For wall sound insulation. The panel must be installed between supporting profiles of plasterboard structure, where it can be tucked between profiles adhered to the same wall with glue and fasten with dowels.

- For above suspended raster ceiling installation. Tecwool panel has to be applied directly on the raster structure, which should be reinforced with additional hangers to prevent sagging.

Technical Details

Dimensions: 120 cm. x 60 cm. x 27.5 mm.
Weight: 3.65 kg
Material: Visco-elastic polyvinyl and glass wool
Class reaction to fire: A2
Installation: on walls and ceilings through fasten with dowels
Maximum Sound absorption: 400 - 600 Hz 
Noise reduction regarding to the properties of the main partition: between 28 and 44 dB