Sundproofing membrane DCvisco™

Product Overview

DCvisco ™ is a synthetic, viscoelastic, PVC based soundproofing membrane to increase internal losses and bulk density. DCvisco membrane is used to increase the sound insulation characteristics of the MUTE SYSTEM, being applied between the sound insulation panels and the gypsum plasterboard layer.

Placed between two sound-absorbing layers, the membrane acts as a vibration damping and sound-insulating layer that works effectively for medium and high frequencies, and especially in the wave matching region. Its application in MUTE SYSTEM adds up to 3 dB noise reduction to the sound insulation system.

DCvisco is also an eco-friendly soundproofing membrane made of 80% recycled PVC.

Application and installation

DCvisco can be attached to any surface - flat or curved. The attachment to MUTE SYSTEM panels is done by tapping at several points, at the discretion of the installer, so that the membrane stands freely without slipping. For the highest efficiency, the membrane is placed on the MUTE SYSTEM panels and then covered with a layer of gypsum board.

Technical information

Bulk density1 800 kg/m3
Roll Length1000 cm
Roll Width100 cm
Membrane thickness1.8 mm
Tensile strength>30N/50mm
Fire resistance with PlasterboardB-s1-d0

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