SoundEar - noise indicator

SoundEar is a noise indicator, which presents a clear and unmistakable warning as soon as the noise exceeds the limit. Children and adults can easily understand the warning symbol so that immediate action can be taken to do something about the noise. You can adjust the noise limit on the device to suit the function of the room. 

SoundEar’s elegant and effective design fits in everywhere, it is easy to find room for this compact unit on the wall and its user friendliness is superb.

The unit should be mounted on a wall in face height, approx. at a height of 1.8 metrs and most importantly, it has to be visible. 


A SoundEar measures the noise in the room and visualises the noise level in the following way:

• SoundEar lights green: The unit is on and the sound level is acceptable
• SoundEar lights yellow: The sound level is close to the set noise limit
• SoundEar lights/blinks red: The set noise limit is reached or exceeded 

A SoundEar covers approx. 30m² or a diameter of 10 metres. Of course, it depends on the layout etc. If you need to cover a larger area, you will need more units.